2PCS CNC Parts Linear Actuator End Mount ~ Perfect Sale September 2019

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2PCS CNC Parts Linear Actuator End Mount
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Supreme quality 2PCS CNC Parts Linear Actuator End Mount with competitive price directly from fabricator. All round world wide free shipping available for 75$ order. Available at very limited volume, you have to buy now before sold out.

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2PCS CNC Parts Linear Actuator End Mount Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Item Type Heated Block
Brand Name BIQU
Model Number \t Linear Actuator End Mount
Type Power Tool Parts









2PCS CNC Parts Linear Actuator End Mount

















The V-Slot Modular Actuator End Mounts are stamped and folded aluminum end mounts and when used with V-Slot Aluminum Extrusion create a belt driven linear actuators by mounting both a Nema 17 Stepper Motor and the Smooth Idler Pulley.

You can create V-Slot actuators at varying lengths using any of the four available sizes of V-Slot.  See the example pictures.

One of the great features of these end mounts is the ability to mount to the ends as well as the bottom.  This modular concept allows for the creation of many different machine designs.  See example pictures to understand how these end mounts can be coupled with the Mini V plate.

The mounting holes on the End Mounts are 20mm apart allowing for easy connection to both the Mini V Plate and V-Slot extrusion.  Use with the double tee nut for a quick and simple installation.

So if you need a belt driven linear actuator that can be made to custom lengths and with connection flexibility for a modular style build, then these end mounts are perfect for your project.



















2 * CNC Parts Linear Actuator End Mount